Why They Do It

Most farmers repeat the problems caused by their fathers 30 years before.

Thirty years ago it was standard practice to completely strip all the trees off a property to enable mustering on horseback.

Twenty years ago horses were replaced with motorbikes as they cost less to feed and house, never needed maintenance and could be thrown on the dump when they were no longer useful.

Many farmers refer to themselves as the ultimate environmentalist, though they can be proven fairly quickly to have no idea how their environment operates and in general could not tell an interested questioner what type of biome they were farming.

Many farmers view environmentalists as inner city latt√© sippers who have no idea about anything to do with the actual farmed environment. They give no credence to anything proposed by environmental scholars since they aren’t out there with the farmers every day getting filthy and breaking things.

Shooting kangaroos gives them someone to blame for their bad practices.