Their Survival

Only by stopping the slaughter of macropods will we ensure their survival for the next 20 years.

We are a country who follow a group of surprisingly stupid representatives.

Australia does not elect their brightest, to be our leaders. We elect misfits, rape-apologists, liars, and people without the wit to grasp the nature of either nature or science.

We have a prime minister who believes the world was created in 6 days. Likewise most of his cabinet are members of a child-abuse-apologist cult.

They will never stop the slaughter because their pockets are full of the money of people like the pharmaceutical industry, the dog food industry and anyone else who will pay them to do as they are told.

The whole of the thinking population of this country need to tell them there are no votes in the slaughter apart from farmers, and they are a meaningless voting bloc apart from the Cuntry Party, with it’s elected rape apologists and liars like Joyce and Littleproud. Both existential liars, led of course by in turn Abbott, Turnbull and now the vile Morrison.

Wild creatures in trouble
require quick help.