The Farmers

Every Australian kill for profit farmer is in an eternal struggle, with his/her land, and with the bank.

The mail arrives and in one envelope is the bank statement decorated in bright red for most of them, and in another, an approval to kill 10% of the “grasshoppers” on their property, assuring them that no one will check how many they actually kill.

A carer, on the other hand is inspected by the Department of Environment & Science Queensland, to ensure we are giving proper care to the same animals those other people will slaughter if they stray onto their properties after we release them, once the department has issued the slaughter tags for them.

When describing the number of kangaroos on its property, a farmer will invariably say “oooh they’re in plllaaaaggguuueee proportions son”. If a farmer sees 5, that is apparently a plague. 5,000 kangaroos on a half million hectare property, is almost none. That’s one kangaroo per thousand hectares. Plague proportions indeed!

Feed lot lies:

  • It takes 4.38 kangaroos to eat the same amount as a bred for slaughter sheep. Not 5 kangaroos = 1 sheep.
  • It takes 125 kangaroos to eat as much as one bred for slaughter steer.
  • It takes 175 kangaroos to eat the same amount as a single stud bull, on a bred for slaughter property.
  • Farmers lie about how many roos are on their property.
  • Farmers lie about how many they slaughter.
  • Farmers lie about the damage done to their property. The damage they suffer is in their bank balance.