The Kangaroos & Wallabies

No matter what you hear or read, Australia’s iconic macropods are in dire need of everyone’s help

In pandering to the farming for slaughter trade, our governments at all 3 levels, lie through their teeth.

There has never been an accurate count of the animals, nor is it likely there ever will be, due to the actual cost of such a survey, its complexity and the political cost, since farmers would immediately berate it as trying to damage their reputation as “environmental experts” and the greatest lovers of the environment, both of which claims are like government lies, provably nonsense.

The current tenant in The Lodge told us in 2020 there were 45 Million kangaroos in Australia. Based on what? Ether, and his rich-God support from Hillsong cult members?

In 2019, NSW alone lost 4 million animals to disease and fire. So where do the numbers come from? The air? Their God?

No science, no count. Just farmer’s lies. (oooooh they’re in plague proportions maaaate which is how most farmers talk about “grasshoppers” which is what they call anything they can’t kill and make a dollar from, except for their kids). Assisted by every state based environment minister, who also can’t help themselves in supporting our biggest slaughterers.