Warrego Wildlife
Working for Australia's Iconic Wildlife

We rescue and raise the victims of both shooting and roadkill in the centre of the biggest slaughter zone in Queensland’s outback.

No one knows how many macropods of the 4 species included in the national kangaroo slaughter there are in Australia. Just because the Prime Minister says there are 45 Million, doesn’t make him right. Literally, no one knows the numbers, but every night in South West Queensland, thousands of kangaroos and wallaroos are shot to provide dog food.

Japan gets taken to court by Australia for the slaughter of 1100 whales in a year, while most Australians don’t realise that the biggest mainland slaughter of wildlife in the world, occurs here.

Here, five times that many kangaroos are shot, every hour, every night.

About Our Kangaroos

Discover more about our nation’s most iconic wildlife and what the steak on your plate really costs in terms of destroyed families of animals who grieve and love and care for each other.

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